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Setting Yourself to Be in a Position to Win

Hello, My friends and future millionaires.

What I want to talk to you about today is making sure you put yourself in a position to win. And what I mean by that is this, you’ve read before in some of these articles that I have cerebral palsy and my legs are crooked as a politician.

Well, what it comes down to is this, no matter where I go, everybody stares at me. I’m not so much that it’s defensive, but I know people are always looking at me. So one of the reasons you see this bright color tee shirt that says, MM360 on the pocket is because on the back it also says, “Asked Me How I Can Make You a Millionaire. “

I decided if people are gonna stare at me, I might as well learn to make it pay. With that being said, to date, this tee shirt has made me $6,500 in sales. How many $6,500 tee shirts do you have in your dresser drawer?

What can you do to get the most out of every little step that you make, as in advertising, social media, and other different Steps?

How do you put yourself in a position to win?

How do you get to the point where you’re talking to people and you’re able to bring your business?

Whatever your digital business is, or maybe it’s a brickĀ and mortar business, what are you doing that makes it so that your business automatically comes up in conversation?

When somebody says to you, “Hey, what do you do?”

Do you know the answer that you’re going to give them so that they’re interested in hearing more?

And that’s what it comes down to with putting yourself in a position to win.

You want to make sure that you’re excited and people want to talk to you about what you do. I’ve had different people say to me, a straight up, Okay, I’ll bite, what do you do?

And I told them about how we help people create their own digital products and sell it online as a business.

And one of the things he said to me kind of shocked me.

He said, “aw, that won’t work for me,”

I’m sure you may have thought that yourself.

Well, when it comes down to is this, let’s change your thought process just a little bit.

What if you said,

who could I get to help me to make that work for me?

See, once you say to yourself, “oh, I couldn’t get that to work for me”, your mind automatically shuts down. You’re done thinking about it.

If you went out today and you looked at a new car, let’s say a new Corvette and you automatically thought to yourself, “boy, I couldn’t afford that.” Your mind automatically shuts down because you’ve told it. It’s okay to turn off because we can’t do it.

Well, if you change your thought process just a little bit to how could I set myself up that I could afford that new Corvette?

Maybe if I did an online business at, and got that team of people to help, within a year or two, maybe I could get a new Corvette.

But even if you didn’t, what if you had just brought in enough money that you didn’t have to work overtime on the weekend?

Or maybe you get to cut back to eight hours a day instead of 10.

Success isn’t always about the new Corvette or the flashy stuff that goes with it.

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