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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental tool that we use in any kind of digital marketing

It is the basis for your marketing, for any small business or entrepreneur.

If you’re not emailing your customers right now, then you’re doing it wrong.

Why It Works

Email marketing is effective because your customers already know who you are.

You’re not just a random advertisement on Facebook or keyword related ad on Google.

These customers actually invited you into their inbox

That give s you an opportunity to build a relationship with them.

72 percent of customers actually prefer receiving emails about promotions and offers over every other form of media.

they actually want to get your promotions and offers in their emails.

It isn’t intrusive

When you send an email, it is stored in the customers inbox.

They can access it whenever they want to.

You’re not a television ad interrupting their favorite show, or a post ad that they have to throw away later.

Your message is in their inbox where you can stay until they’re ready to read it.

That way they have time to look it over at their leisure.

It Can Be Automated

The other great thing is that you can design a series of 7 emails to be sent out to your audience, once a day, and you can reach them every day that week.

You can write 365 emails and reach them everyday for an entire year.

You can design your series so that every time someone joins your list, they will receive email number 1 regardless if they joined on a Tuesday or a Friday or even a month from now.

That way, you know that your customers are getting the same information.

This can be useful if you have a complicated product, that might need some more explanation over time.

This is also useful if you want to share the story of your brand, to be able to introduce yourself to your customers.

Getting Your Emails Read

In order to get your message to your customers, first they have to open your emails, and this can be a little bit tricky.

Your customers get a lot of emails every day, and your subject line is your one chance to grab their attention.

We have an awesome article all about how to craft your headlines. Go check it out here.

Purposes of Email Marketing

There are many purposes that your emails can take.

  • Instructional – give the customer additional information about a product or service
  • Additional Resources – Point the customer to an article, or infographic
  • Personal – tell the reader a little bit about yourself, try to be relatable
  • Problem Solving – introduce a problem that your reader may be experiencing and offer a solution.

Be the Solution

If you can offer a solution that works for your subscribers, that builds the trust in your relationship.

The next time you offer a solution, they are going to jump at it, because it worked before.

Making the Sale

You don’t want your emails to get too pushy to try to make a sale.

That’s the job of the sales page that you are leading them to.

You do not have to convince the customer to buy the product. It is your job to let them know that there is a product available to will help them.

Think about that for a minute.

If you walk into a store and a salesman comes up to you, and tells you about brand X coffee maker.

“This is the best coffee maker ever.” How quick are you going to believe him?

You’ve never met this guy before. He’s just trying to make a sale.

But now if your buddy tells you about how this really is the best coffee maker they’ve ever had, now what do you think?

Would you be interested to check it out?

Since you know that person, you like them, you trust their opinion, you’d probably be more likely to make a purchase off their suggestion.

And that’s the kind of relationship that we really want to build with email marketing when you offer solutions to their problems.

What problems do my subscribers have?

Maybe you’re not sure what problems your customers have.

The nice thing about email marketing is that it works two ways.

If you don’t know what problems they have, ask them.

You can send them to a survey and say, ”which of these three problems is the biggest challenge for you, is it waking up on time in the morning? Is it eating healthy? Is it time management?”

And then whichever one gets the most votes, talk about that problem and offer suggestions on how to solve it.

What’s the Cost?

The real reason that email marketing is fundamental is because it’s free.

You can send out one message to your entire list of customers and it didn’t cost you anything outside of the cost of an autoresponder ($20-$30/month. How many of you spend that much or more on Facebook?)

You Own Your List

Right now, you might be putting a lot of money into Facebook ads and that’s great as long as they’re converting.

Most businesses have a Facebook Group that their customers can join and interact.

But what happens if Facebook closes down tomorrow, then how are you going to reach your audience?

Or what if they stop selling ads?

Now I doubt those things are going to happen.

But what if they double the cost of their ads? or triple it?

How’s that going to affect Your Business next month?

You know that could happen and you have no control over that at all.

If you have your customers on an email list, you’ll always be able to get your message to them.

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